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Partij Veilig Maastricht: safe, social and chauvinistic

Partij Veilig Maastricht (PVM) is a right-wing party, with a big social heart. More safety, approach to radicalization and low burden have top priority for PVM.

The well-being of the inhabitants of our beautiful city, our traditions, norms and values, the care for our seniors, the sick and youth are important spearheads.

1. A SAFE Maastricht

More community police officers and supervisors visible in the neighbourhood

Tough approach against drug runners

Tough approach and action program against radicalization

Appropriate action to increase the safety of citizens in the broadest sense of the word

Stimulating the use of the neighbourhood safety app

2. A SOCIAL Maastricht

Approach to reduce growing poverty

Simplification of declaration schemes

People aged 60 and over do not have to apply for jobs in exchange for a commitment to society

Better flow through to facilitate access to education and work

Tough approach against fraud

Healthcare must be affordable, accessible and low-treshold

Better support of family caregivers

More shelter places for homeless young people

3. A CHAUVINISTIC Maastricht

Preservation of the Maastricht cultural heritage

Municipal museum where the history of our town and its people can be exhibited

Halls and rehearsal rooms for amateur culture and municipal carnival activities

Invest in Maastricht associations: brass bands, choirs and amateur theatre

Campaign to stimulate Maastricht traditions and dialect

The Minckeleers' flame should burn again

4. An INTEGRATED Maastricht

Integration is important, therefore guidance behind the front door

Learning the Dutch language is mandatory for people who receive welfare

No subsidies for global and development projects

5. A LIVABLE Maastricht

Action program to reduce social isolation

Minimum two high schools in Maastricht

Childcare must be affordable and available

More activities aimed to young people's needs

Invest in student campus, so that nuisance in neighborhoods is limited

Better maintenance of public green spaces and weed control in the neighbourhoods

Sufficient social and affordable rental housing

Free collection of bulky waste once a month

6. A SPORTIVE Maastricht

Low-cost and accessible sports offer

Facilitate and support social projects of MVV

Reintroduction of school-swimming and physical education at school

Support amateur sport, both individually and in association

Recreational use of the ENCI quarry must remain possible

7 An ACCESIBLE Maastricht

More parking spaces in the neighbourhoods

Do not increase street parking fees

Invest more in road maintenance

Free or cheap public transport from parking areas located in the city suburbs

Expand bicycle parkings and extend its opening hours

Less traffic lights with the only purpose of dosing traffic into the city centre

No tram in our historic city centre

8. An ECONOMIC Maastricht

More jobs by attracting new companies and expansion of existing companies

Reduce unemployment among the elderly people

More jobs in health care

Retain industrial employment

9. A DEMOCRATIC Maastricht

The citizens choose the mayor

Take citizens' initiatives and referenda seriously


Stop irresponsible big expenses

No tax increases that affect citizens

A balanced budget: earnings and spendings in balance

An intelligent combination of budgets

Cutting back expenses as a result of policy choices, what do we do and what not

Less hire of external personnel