Street names can now also be named after ordinary Maastricht residents

Something had been bothering us for years. Why are street names in Maastricht reserved for a certain elite class? Scientists, mayors, poets, composers and artists? But why can’t “popular” people who have achieved something be honored with a street name? Our first motion was skilfully shot down by the opposition, but in October 2019 our second motion did win a majority in the council. And so it happened that a Richie Backfireplein came to the square next to the Muziekgieterij. Richie was a drummer for Backfire!, a hardcore punk band that made a name worldwide in the 1990s. He took his own life at a very young age. Party Maastricht Safe thinks it is important that his memory is kept alive.

A Benny Neymanstraat was also included in the new construction plans for Blauw Dorp. Unfortunately, Benny Neyman’s widower reported some time later that Benny would never have wanted this. Although this caused many people to frown, it was decided to respect this wish.