PVM Civilian council member Alain moves memorial tree Daalhof

Somewhere in the next year a new health center will be realized on the site of the former Fons Olterdissen School in Daalhof. During the last days of the demolition, PVM-civilian member the city council Alain Garnier learned that there was a memorial tree on the former playground, in honor of a deceased kindergarten teacher. The tree was in danger being torn down.

After consultation with the new owner, Van Thoor pharmacy, the contractor placed fences around the tree. This created room to look for a solution . Alain eventually found De Daalhoeve farm willing to give the tree a new place. The last piece of the puzzle was solved by Dolmans Landscaping Group which moved the tree for free. Party Maastricht Safe provided a new sign that honors the former teacher. Much to the delight of the neighbourhood.