Questions in writing regarding profits and developments in youth care

Maastricht, November 30, 2021

Subject: Questions in writing regarding profits and developments in youth care

Sincere bench,

Today we received the message that youth care providers are making high profits, partly due to ‘cherry-picking’ (only treating the easier and more profitable cases, ed.) and providing care that turns out to be ineffective afterwards. Care institutions often earn a lot of money from young people with minor problems. As a result, young people who qualify for more specialized care have to wait longer. A new development is the so-called private equity, whereby investors purchase shares in healthcare institutions. Finally, there are reports that specialized youth care should be arranged nationally with fixed national rates.

Party Maastricht Safe has questions about this.

  1. Are you in favor of the fact that a form of light youth care will no longer be reimbursed under the Youth Act in the future in order to prevent ‘cherry-picking’?
  2. Can you tell us whether the phenomenon of ‘cherry-picking’ is present in the Maastricht-Heuvelland region? If so, how did you anticipate this? If not, how does this show?
  3. Are there youth care providers in our region active in private equity ? If so, what are the experiences with this in both a positive and negative sense?
  4. Does ‘cherry-picking’ in our region have consequences for, among other things, the waiting list for young people with complex problems? If so, do you agree that this should be addressed?
    If so, how do you think you can tackle this?
  5. Specialized youth care should be arranged nationally. Do you agree with this view? And what could this mean for the Maastricht-Heuvelland region?

On behalf of the Safe Maastricht Party,

Bert Garnier