Questions in writing concerning license Squid Game at Markt

To the bench of mayor and aldermen of Maastricht
Postbus 1992

Maastricht, 17-10-2021,

Subject: Questions in writing concerning license Squid Game at Markt

Sincere bench,

Squid Game is currently one of the most popular series on Netflix worldwide. In this South Korean product, impoverished people are challenged to take on six games in order to eventually win a cash prize. Instead of losing the game and leaving, participants die. The series starts with a Korean version of the Dutch Annemaria Koekoek, called red light, green light.
Hordes of people are automatically fired upon because they move or are too late. The series is full of violence, injuries, sex and suicide attempts and it has been marked as only suitable for viewers of age 16 and over. Last Saturday a promotional event of Netflix took place on the Markt in Maastricht where the game could be played in real life, fortunately without the accompanying violence. However, the event attracted many youths, sometimes as young as eight years old.

Party Maastricht Safe has the following questions about this:

1. Was this event licensed? If so, what were the requirements? If not, why not?

2. Do you agree that promoting a series deemed appropriate for ages 16 and over is not appropriate for a younger audience?

3. Do you agree that an organization should be obliged to ensure that young visitors cannot participate/view the event? If so, what will you do in the future to prevent a similar situation from happening again? If not, why not?

4. Do you agree that the Markt, or any other place, where many casual passers-by with young children are present, is not suitable for such an event?


Alain Garnier
civilian member of the city council

Tiny Meese
member of the city council