Open letter 2 regarding no special education for children in Maastricht

Maastricht, December 2, 2021

Subject: Open letter 2 regarding no special education for children in Maastricht

Dear bench,

On November, Party Maastricht Safe sent an open letter to the responsible member of the bench with a summary of problems within the field of specialized education. This is a problem that has been going on for quite some time and which has hardly been anticipated by the alderman. Housing problems, staff shortages and volume growth in special education. Dozens of children are currently waiting to be accepted at a school for ‘children with a very diverse need for support’. Party Maastricht Safe is surprised that the alderman only responds via the well-known media channels and not to the open letter from PVM. It is only because of parents and PVM that this dire situation is brought to light.

We regret that alderman Jongen only cites the problem from the letter sent in on 20 November, but does not respond to the content. The content of our open letter is exactly what the alderman cites in the media. Nothing new whatsoever.
Parents need a constructive solution, but unfortunately they lack confidence. In the newspaper you say that you are doing everything you can to place eight children in special education on by 10 January. You do not make a firm commitment. And what happens to the other children? It is a bloody shame that these children stay at home due to housing and staff shortages. Furthermore confront the parents with a huge problem. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and expect the alderman to find a solution shortly. After all, the time that these children lack education results in a cognitive deficit that can hardly be corrected.

On behalf of Party Maastricht Safe,

Bert Garnier

city councilor