Questions in writing regarding presence of fly ash Slavante underground quarry

To the bench of mayor and aldermen of Maastricht
PO Box 1992

Maastricht, 18-10-2021,

Subject: Questions in writing regarding presence of fly ash Slavante underground quarry

Sincere bench,

Last Saturday, Party Maastricht Safe attended the city round regarding the transformation plan ENCI-quarry. The SOME foundation wants to discontinue itself by the end of the year. A steering group must then follow up on the remaining goals. Ownership of the quarry will be divided between Natuurmonumenten, the Municipality of Maastricht and private parties. At that point, ENCI no longer owns the site and the company’s involvement ceases.
Between 1974 and 1978 ENCI excavated most of the area where the Slavante underground quarry used to be. The remaining tunnels, several hundred meters in length with a historical value, were secretly filled up by the ENCI with a type of fly ash. A by-product of cement production. (Not to be confused with the other type of fly ash that is used as a raw material for the production of cement). To this day, these tunnels remain filled up. This carcinogenic substance reaches as high as 30 cm below ceiling level.

Party Maastricht Safe  has the following questions:

  1. Are you aware of the presence of this illegally deposited fly ash?
  2. Do you agree with us that the ENCI must first be forced to remediate the corridor system before transferring the sites? If so, are you prepared to discuss this matter with ENCI and are you willing to emphasize the importance of remediation? If not, why not?
  3. Do you agree with us that because of the historical value, including the remains of the former Slavante museum and ancient inscriptions, it is important that the corridors will be cleaned up? If not, why not?
  4. Do you agree with us that, for the sake of public health, the location as part of a nature reserve and the proposed plans in the past to open up the tunnels and the above Hoeve Lichtenberg to visitors, it is essential to remediate these tunnels?
  5. Do you agree with us that not taking action means that future generations will be saddled with this challenge and the possible clean-up costs will be for the municipality, and therefore its inhabitants?


Alain Garnier
Tiny Meese

Party Maastricht Safe