Questions in writing regarding cuts municipal taxes

To the bench of mayor and aldermen of Maastricht
Postbus 1992

Maastricht, 18-10-2021,

Subject: Written questions regarding a discount on municipal tax

Sincere bench,

Today we learned that the FNV is calling on municipalities not to levy municipal taxes on people who have to live on less than 150% of the legal social minimum. This target group should also be able to make use of provisions such as special assistance for unforeseen, necessary medical costs.

Party Maastricht Safe has the following questions about this:

  1. Are you aware of this call by the FNV, if so, do you think it is feasible?
  2. Do you agree that this is an opportunity to tackle poverty at the local level, including the target group of employed people living in poverty?
  3. Are you willing to investigate whether the limit of the social minimum can be raised to 150%? If so, in what time frame? If not, why not?

Tiny Meese v.d.Venne
city councilor