Questions in writing regarding pilot house of legal in Heerlen

To the bench of Mayor and Aldermen
Postbus 1992
6201 BZ Maastricht.

Maastricht, 29 September 2021

Subject: questions in writing regarding pilot house of legal in Heerlen

Dear college,

Today we received news about the pilot “House of Legal”. With the House of Legal pilot, vulnerable people in Heerlen are helped as early as possible with problems concerning debt, rent, addiction, family or mental health. This prevents lawsuits, lost time, additional costs and escalation.
The House of Legal is seen as a form of neighborhood justice that takes place close to the citizens. Social neighborhood teams of the municipality direct vulnerable citizens to the legal counter, which in its turn searches for a solution together with the municipality, the court and authorities such as housing associations, debt counseling and care institutions. An official evaluation has yet to take place, but both the Limburg court and the legal counter speak cautiously of a success that deserves to be continued.

„The great thing is the connection that is created between the social and legal domains.”.

Party Maastricht Safe has questions about this subject:

  1. Do you agree that this would be a great solution for vulnerable people, preventing escalation, saving time, costs and even lawsuits?
  2. Are you prepared to investigate whether this project can also be started in Maastricht?
    If not, why not? If so, when?

Awaiting your answers, on behalf of the Party Maastricht Safe group,

Tiny Meese v.d. Venne
Group chairman and city councilor