To the bench of Mayor and Aldermen
Postbus 1992
6201BZ Maastricht.

Maastricht 20-09-21

Questions in writing regarding violation of the soil protection act Trega site

Sincere Bench,

We received the sad news that Mr. Leeijen has committed a serious mistake by having the Trega site cleaned up, thereby violating the soil protection Act.

Party Safe Maastricht has the following questions:

  1. Are you aware of animal species that might have been harmed as a result?
    If so, which species? And will you make Mr. Leeijen compensate for the harm done?
    If not, how can you be 100% sure?
  2. Why was no immediate action taken when Mr. Leeijen started the works?
  3. Can you guarantee that no harmful substances were released into the air by digging up polluted soil?
  4. Can you tell us whether churning up this highly polluted soil has any impact on ground water? If so, what are the consequences?
  5. Can you tell us whether soil was actually removed from the site?

What proactive actions will you take in the future to prevent developers from getting started without a license?

Awaiting your reply,

on behalf of the of the Party Maastricht Safe group,

Jo Smeets,
city councilor
Alain Garnier
civilian member of the city council