To the bench of Mayor and Aldermen

PO Box 1992

6201BZ Maastricht

Maastricht, December 5, 2021,

Subject: Questions in writing regarding dangerous situation for pedestrians shopping area Daalhof

Dear bench,

A few years ago, Party Maastricht Safe drew attention to the unsafe situation for pedestrians at the Daalhof shopping area. In recent months we have once again received a message from various residents of Daalhof about the dangerous situation for pedestrians in the same shopping center. The dangerous situation is caused by cyclists and scooters driving by at high speed. The situation is facilitated because it is possible to drive seamlessly from the street into the shopping center in three places and because the parking facilities are installed where the shopping public is, instead of on the lower level.

Speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour are no exception. Signs were recently put up, but they are too small, are in the wrong places and do not change the situation at all. It is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

Party Safe Maastricht has the following questions about this:

  1. Are you aware of the that the dangerous situation for pedestrians in the Daalhof shopping center is still an issue? What measures have you taken to make the shopping area safer for pedestrians?
  2. Have you evaluated whether these measures are sufficient to guarantee pedestrian safety? If not, why not?
  3. Are you prepared to look at this situation again and to apply any measures such as gates (which do not constitute an obstacle for mobility scooters) to the three entrances of the shopping center where this measure is not yet in place? Possibly supplemented with clear signs in the right place?
  4. Are you prepared to supplement this measure with clear communication in order to once again bring the (moped) bicycle ban clearly to the attention of all residents of Daalhof and surrounding neighbourhoods?

On behalf of Party Maastricht Safe,

Alain Garnier

civilian member

Tiny Meese

party leader